Kafka Summit 2020 - Synchronous Commands Over Apache Kafka

A link to demoing the application leveraging Synchronous Commands Over Apache Kafka. The demo application is using Subscribe approach as mentioned in the presentation. 1 NGINX Load Balancer and 2 Request Handlers. The Vue application generates the QUIZ_ID (which is used as the key) so NGINX will send requests to both request handlers, and 1 will say “me” and handle the request and one will say “not me” and return a 406 to the load-balancer to indicate that it is not the instance that has the partition that the given QUIZ_ID will end up on.

Abstract: Synchronous Commands Over Apache Kafka

You have built an event-driven system leveraging Apache Kafka. Now you face the challenge of integrating traditional synchronous request-response capabilities, such as user interaction, through an HTTP web service. There are various techniques, each with advantages and disadvantages. This talk discusses multiple options on how to do a request-response over Kafka — showcasing producers and consumers using single and multiple topics, and more advanced considerations using the interactive queries of ksqlDB and Kafka Streams.

Building a Mix Protocol Apache Kafka Cluster

Introduction Goal: build a multi-protocol Apache Kafka Clusters for SSL Client Authentication for all clients while leveraging PLAINTEXT for inter broker communication. There are many tutorials and articles on setting up Apache Kafka Clusters with different security options. However, I have not seen a mix-protocol cluster with SSL for encryption and client authentication and PLAINTEXT for broker communication; so I decided to build one.

Building an OpenSky Kafka Source Connector

I am humbled to have the opportunity to contribute to Confluent’s Blog. It is one of my go to resources for learning about Apache Kafka and the Confluent Platform. How to Share Kafka Connectors on Confluent Hub